You may be asking yourself that right now and it’s an excellent question.

Imagine acquiring a property and then, after you’ve bought it, discovering an environmental issue, a structural problem, or that the roof needs to be replaced. If you had known of these issues, up front, you would have been armed with the knowledge to negotiate or budget for repairs. That is information you definitely would have wanted, isn’t it?

What did you observe in your building walk through?
Odds are you were determining if the property would work for your business; not inspecting the property’s electrical system or the roof. What if there are issues, how will they impact your investment and your business?

Do you know the property’s actual condition?
Ask yourself these three questions about the property you are buying, or maybe already own.

  • What condition are the building’s systems and components in?
  • What costly defects are there which require attention now?
  • What expenditures will be required to repair, maintain, or replace items in the near future?

If you can’t answer these questions about the property you need a building inspection.

Not knowing this information, or worse yet …guessing, can have serious consequences.

A building inspection will give you knowledge and insights about the condition of the property. Knowing the condition of a building will allow you to negotiate at time of purchase, create accurate budgets for repairs and maintenance, and be aware of future expenditures – whether it’s a new roof, heating and cooling system, or simple maintenance items.

The bottom line answer: An inspection can save you time and money.

With the investment in commercial properties so significant, it’s no wonder why so many purchasers, owners, and, lessees consider a building inspection mandatory!

For inspection services in the Sacramento and Bay Area please contact Golden State Home Inspections at 800.441.0804 or visit:


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