Water heaters are standard in most residential homes, apartment complexes and mobile homes. They are responsible for converting the cold water that pumps into a home into the hot water used for washing clothes, dishes and ourselves. Even though these heat-producing cylinders are fairly commonplace, they are also a bit of a mystery for many homeowners and renters. Tenants tend to call on the help of a professional maintenance operator to handle any issues that may arise with the heater. This does not mean that safety around a water heater should be forgotten.  In order to stay safe around a water heater throughout the year there are certain safety tips to keep in mind.

1.    Keep the area around the water heater clean. Make sure that dust, debris and any flammable objects are cleared away from the area. Be sure to sweep and mop the area regularly to prevent any dust build up that may occur.

2.    Keep a regular eye on the temperature valve of the water heater. This valve opens when too much pressure builds up in the water heater. If this valve is clogged or blocked in any way, an explosion could occur, causing extensive damage to your property or yourself.

3.    During the summer months, many tenants may experience bug problems. This is the time of year when bug bombs are used in the house to stop the bug issues from occurring. Make sure that the pilot light on the water heater is off and that the gas line is closed completely before any foggers or bug bombs are set off in the home. Foggers and bug bombs are highly flammable and when they come in contact with an open valve on a water heater, they can cause a fire or explode.

4.    Regularly check gas valves to make sure that no flammable gas is leaking near the water heater.

5.    Do not store flammable liquid or items near the water heater.


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