Crown molding can be traced back to the late Renaissance  where designers adapted the Greek and Roman architectural elements to those of ornamental plaster and wood cornices. Today many homes sport this design element, creating unique and modern spaces to entertain guests and live their everyday lives.

Crown molding is generally used to cap off walls, pilasters, cabinets as well as any interior and exterior cornice assemblies and door and window hoods. But it does not stop there. Moldings are used in all forms of design with different shapes, styles, and eras to choose from. They also allow for the homeowner to disguise wall and ceiling imperfections while creating a beautiful new look.

Though installation of crown molding can be slightly more difficult than other do-it-yourself projects, it is a task that can be done without the need to hire outside help. There are many websites and books available for those interested in DIY crown molding installation, offering valuable tips and trick as well as the knowledge necessary in transforming your space.

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