Whole_house_fan_air_movement Keeping cool can be a priority in a family’s life, especially within the summer months, but it does not have to break the wallet in the process.

Welcome the alternative to expensive air conditioning: the whole-house fan.

Not only will your home cool quickly and remain cool but it is significantly less expensive in operating costs than that of its predecessors.

To give you an idea of how the whole-house fan works, we have provided you with a quick run through:

The whole-house fan is installed within your home’s ceiling and is designed to pull all of the hot air out of the home by forcing it into the attic space. By doing so, it causes positive pressure inside the attic and forces the air out through the gable and/or soffit vents. At this same moment, negative pressure is being produced within the living areas of your home, drawing cool air in through the home’s open windows. This is the process that cools your home and keeps it that way.

As mentioned above, this process is performed quickly and cheaply. Newer Whole house fan models are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In addition, the newer models are designed to be significantly quieter than those that have come before it.

Of course, as with anything, it is important to understand any and all disadvantages before committing to the purchase. Those suffering from allergies and/or other respiratory issues may find that the whole-home fan is problematic for their living environments as air is drawn through open windows in the home producing cool air that is unfiltered and may contain pollens and other allergens.

Also, though newer models are quieter, the whole-home fan can produce enough noise to interfere with other normal household activities such as listening to music or watching television. This is caused by the fan and its corresponding fan speed; however, this is reduced dramatically within the “Ducted” models as they remain extremely quiet. Traditional whole house fan

Lastly, if the fan is not of an insulated design, the fan serves as a large open space in which heat can escape within the winter months.

This said, the whole-house fan remains a successful and highly beneficial alternative to costly air conditioning all while continuing to be a green source of energy and less of a burden on your wallet.


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