Mold is a health hazard indeed when it can be found inside the home. The value of a home can be drastically reduced when it is allowed to grow and spread inside the walls, under floors, in attics, and in basements. Here are a few tell tale signs that you might have mold hiding somewhere in your house.

1. Do you have a musty odor that you simply can not get rid of no matter how much you clean, deodorize, and regularly take out your trash?
2. Is your home damp feeling because of the climate you live in?
3. Do you often experience allergy symptoms that you did not have prior to moving into your home?
4. Do you have plumbing leaks any where in the home?
5. If you have a basement, does it feel damp or have water standing when it rains?
6. Have you noticed any rotting wood anywhere in the home because of prior or existing water damage?
7. Has your home experienced a flood from plumbing or natural disaster?
8. Are you lacking exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then there is a possibility that you have mold growing somewhere in your house. You may have to have some extensive investigating done by a professional water damage company in order to pinpoint the problem if it is nothing visible that you can easily see such as underneath a cabinet or on ceilings or walls. When mold gets behind tiles in a shower or bathtub stall it can grow there and spread very easily as long as moisture is present. This can result in having to have walls torn out and replaced.

Professional water damage teams know exactly what to look for and where. The most important thing that they know how to do is get rid of it. The will use professional strength sanitizers to kill it anywhere it can be found. They will tell you what problems you have that caused it in the first place and they can either fix them for you or know who to get to fix it. Making sure your home is free of mold is one thing you want to be certain of because of the danger it can be to the health of you and your family. Hiring a water damage company will help ensure the mold problem has been remedied properly.
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