When it comes time to purchase a home, hiring a certified home inspector is an important step. Aside from ensuring that the house you are trying to buy is in good condition, the home inspector may be able to give you arguments for a better selling price on the home. Any deficiencies raised by the home inspection can become negotiating points. Having an inspection done can help to dodgeunwanted surprises after you buy and/or be used to bargain the price down further. There are areas you can inspect for yourself initially, but you need to possess a keen eye and a proper checklist!

Before you begin your walk-through of the home, make sure you have a home inspection checklist with you. The list will help in ensuring your inspection is thorough. It is possible to have over a hundred items included on a good checklist. Failure to have an adequate checklist could result in allowing certain aspects of the property fall between the cracks.

Organize your list by different parts of the home. Start outside. Walk around the property and be on the lookout for signs of cracked exterior walls, leaning chimney, damaged roof, unsafe railings, etc. Make sure you take notes. As an example, if you notice down spouts that are not draining far enough away from the property write it down as that information could become useful later on.

The inside of the house will be separated into sections on your list. Things to included on your list could be electrical, plumbing, basement floors and walls, heating and so on. It does not really matter that you are not experienced in various building trades. Just look for things that look off or smell strange. These things can be brought up with the inspector when you return for your professional home inspection.

As part of the offer buyers can place in a condition on obtaining a professional home inspection. This is a great way to protect your money and it also leaves some room to re-negotiate the selling price if the home inspection reveals significant issues. If you choose lower your offer make sure it is reasonable compared to the issues found. Most sellers will be willing to negotiate but do not expect to get too much as the selling price probably took into account the issues of the home in the first place.

In a multiple offer scenario, you may want to consider a home inspection done before you present an offer. This can be a issue for some purchasers since after spend the money for an inspection they may still not get the home. But it can put you in a better bargaining position if your offer now has less conditions. You can then close the deal more quickly if you offer is the one that is accepted.

You do not need to be a professional contractor to notice that a railing is loose or that the roof is in need of attention. By doing an initial home inspection when visiting potential homes will help you in your search for the perfect home. By inspecting the home yourself in the beginning you will be able to make a more informed and objective determination based on facts rather than simply the decor. Bw careful not to rely entirely on your own inspection but to bring in a professional home inspector who will compile a written report on the condition of the home.
Stefan Hyross writes for I-Nspect which provides professional home inspection services. When buying a home, remember to use the services of a certified home inspector to avoid unpleasant surprises. For more information please feel free to visit the site.
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