Techbrings (ARA) – Technology has become so integrated into our daily lives that we hardly even notice it anymore. From cell phones that keep us in constant communication to laptop computers with instant access to the Internet to MP3 players and other personal forms of entertainment, we are surrounded by gadgets that we take for granted, even though they were rare less than a decade ago.

Technology is changing the way we look at our homes as well. You can find examples of state-of-the-art technology in just about every room in the house: flat screen television in the family room, security system, refrigerator with a built-in TV, programmable thermostat and more.

The one room where technology hasn't changed much is the bathroom – up until now, that is. Whether it's sensor-activated faucets, toilets with self-cleaning bidets or custom showers, technology is making the bathroom more functional, convenient and pleasurable.

One of the fastest growing trends in bathrooms is custom showering. Homeowners who are looking for the timely convenience of showering and the sensual experience of bathing find that a customized showering environment is the perfect solution. Kohler recently launched the Kohler DTV, a new digital thermostatic valve that offers homeowners a customized water experience with multiple showering components, all controlled with the touch of a button.

This user-friendly system for hydromassage and temperature therapy offers bathers six pre-set water experience programs that can be customized to suit every mood – waking up in the morning, relaxing after work or refreshing after a brisk run outside. Each showering component can be operated individually, allowing users to create their own personalized showering experiences by programming customized settings that directly appeal to their desires.

The Kohler DTV can feed up to eight showerheads/body sprays, which can provide various forms of water and temperature therapy. And one digital interface controls it all, eliminating the need for multiple knobs and handles mounted on the shower wall. The digital controls can be installed either inside the showering space or outside, which allows the user to activate the program before entering the shower. Everyone in the family can program the system to their personal preference – it's like a remote control for your shower.

Homeowners can choose from seven prearranged configurations of showering components, including standard bodysprays, hand showers and various showerheads or the state-of-the-art Kohler WaterTile, a flat showerhead that integrates into the wall of the shower.

For more information on the Kohler DTV, visit or call (800) 4-KOHLER.

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