Entertainment throughout time has always contained stories and ideas based on one’s imagination for what the future holds; the most well know version of this being the movie series Back to the Future. However, Ikea, the international home products retailer, along with Future Laboratory, an internationally recognized trend-analysis business, has taken this idea, expanded and created the kitchen of the future.

Earlier this year, Ikea commissioned Future Laboratory to produce and distribute (within the UK and Ireland) a survey to find out what consumers believed kitchens would look like in the year 2040. More than 2,000 individuals shared their ideas and helped to create the company’s unique kitchen designs of the future.  The three new designs contained elements generally seen in the movies or read about in books: 3D food printers, self-cleaning counters, multi-touch taps. Much of these designs carry elements of getting “back to nature”, growing your own, being green. In addition, they also contain functions for greater comfort, such as aromatherapy-infused walls and mood adjustable lighting.

Whether or not these are kitchens that you would like in your home, the ideas they bring are fun to think about.



Ikea-elementra-copy Ikea-intuitiv-copy







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