The most commonly problem faced is water leakage from faulty water supply systems, pipelines and sewers, it can be occurred anywhere home or office or other workplace. Some areas are totally damaged from such kinds of problems due to various natural and man-made factors. Water leaks are of several types like heating leaks, under floor heating leaks, mains leak, pipe leak, irrigation leak, domestic leaks, commercial leaks, etc. There are lots of techniques and leak detection services which are more helpful to find leaks point and detect them at your home or office. When you detect any leaks first of all, you need to uncover water leaks to repair them and for this, you will need to call your nearest plumber. Here are some of leak detection services and methods to find leaks of water and to detect them and to save water.

Acoustic- Acoustic is a technique to enhance the sound of the leak. This technique works at ground and pipe sensitive microphones. This method helps in pinpointing leak location.

Correlation- Correlators are very accurate sound testing device to identify acoustic frequency caused at time of pipe leak. It is a way of finding and pinpointing leaks in water supply pipes. The correlator uses two identical sensors located along the pipe to calculate the leak location by logging the signal delay, sensor distance and the sound velocity.

Tracer Gas- Tracer gas is present into pipe with the suspected leak. It is a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen that exit at the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection pubs.

Thermography- It is the use of an infrared imaging camera to see and measure thermal energy emitted from an object. These thermography cameras help to detect hidden water leaks and also moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters.

Pipe, Cable and Metal Detection and Tracing- It is essential to know the precise position of all services. Using high performance equipment you can locate exact position of pipes and cables and trace buried pipes and cables.

Using these techniques it is easy to determine the exact location as well as cause of leakage. If leak detection can be identified earlier by using leak detection services and human can be careful about water leaks and to repair them at time, then environment can also be saved. Water is a precious natural resource. These help us determine whether water is properly being utilized or it is being wasted. One more benefit of water leak detection services is that, if water leaks are find and repair at time, then it also helps you reduce your water billing cost.

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