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(ARA) – Today, a garage is no longer just four walls and a roof in which to park the car and store seasonal items. A garage workshop often becomes a second home for the enthusiast. It's prime space to house tools and workstations. While most people need a basic workbench for routine maintenance, the enthusiast turns the garage into a fully equipped workshop. So it's little wonder that garages are getting serious makeovers.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware ( has developed a modular system that will transform a typical garage bay into a fully equipped workshop that can still easily accommodate the cars. The Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand was designed to use common building materials for the surfaces and sides, but the genius of the design is that it's economical and versatile. Using a set of stand legs, a set of stretchers, and the included hardware, a variety of workbenches, power tool cabinets, storage cabinets, assembly tables and more can be built — up to 15 different sized workstations. Add on locking casters to each modular unit and the stations can be easily rolled out for optimum use and then tucked against the wall to make room for the vehicles.

All the stands and stretchers come pre-drilled, so customizing the cabinetry by adding doors, drawers, backs and sides is easily managed. Assembly is a breeze with square holes for carriage bolts and nuts, which are included. For garages with less than perfect floors, heavy-duty adjustable levelers will keep the workstation stable and wobble-free.

Vertical storage is another way to maximize a fully equipped workshop. Two wall systems fit the budget and provide versatility. The traditional pegboard is the most economical solution, and Rockler's Talon pegboard tool holders stay in their designated spots without falling out.

Another wall system is the Slatwall Kit. Resin strips lock together to form a 4' x 4' section. A small tray, wire shelf, and a tool rack designed to fit the slats will help you organize regularly used tools and supplies.

Storing lumber, pipes or other long items can be organized on the Triton Lumber Rack system. With six levels of storage, there will be plenty of room to store lumber and materials for future projects.

The organization of the garage wouldn't be complete without someplace to put the nuts, screws and bolts. Clear Tilt bins let you see what's stored inside and are readily accessible with the tilt-out feature.

You don't need to break the budget with Rockler's storage and organization solutions to turn your garage into a great home workshop. To find the Rockler store nearest you, or to view their online catalog, log on to

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