Appliance_button Updating your home appliances can be a great investment and money saving opportunity. Not only can you save on your electric bill but purchasing new appliances is also a quick and easy way to update any home. The uncertainty that most people feel comes after the purchase as many are not quite sure what to do with their old appliances.

Today, there are many opportunities to not only recycle old appliances but also to reuse and help others. Many communities have recycling networks available allowing customers to either donate or swap working appliances and household items. In addition to this, those that are in good working order can be donated to your local thrift shop or charitable organization. These choices provide a way to not only help those in need but to also help lower the amount of waste in our environment.

Appliance recycling is the least expensive and most efficient means to getting rid of used or unwanted appliances. This type of recovery makes use of valuable steel, glass, plastic, oil, and blowing agents, keeping production costs and energy consumption down. By recycling those appliances that no longer are in working order we are also ensuring the use of fewer natural resources.

In addition to your local Waste Management and Recycling Center, which should provide community pick-up, your area may have other organizations dedicated to environmentally safe appliance recycling with free drop-off or pick-up. It is best to search your local area phone book or online to locate your area’s recycling facilities.

Also upon purchasing new appliances, it is a good idea to ask Newsimg_newsimg-weee%20recyclingthe dealer if they are willing to take the old appliances for recycling themselves. Many provide this service, saving you money and time.

Be sure to check with your local government agencies as well, as they may provide services for used large appliance pick-up and drop-off. In addition, check for any rebates that may be available in your area as this can help you save money.

Please note: all appliances with a removable doors should have the door taken off or sealed shut. This is for safety reasons as anyone that may become trapped could face fatal consequences.


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