Anyone who’s ever taken on a do-it-yourself paint job knows what a difficult task it can be. It’s messy and can end up being a big hassle if you’re not prepared, but doing the job well can completely transform a room.

To properly prepare for your next big painting job, remember this simple tip: Run a piece of tape over your cloth paint roller to ensure any loose fibers don’t end up in the paint on your walls. When you look and your clean and professional-looking walls, you’ll be glad you took the extra step.

You can find paint, brushes, rollers and other tips like these at Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware. We’re a full service NYC hardware store with neighborhood feel. With two locations in Manhattan (Soho and Midtown), two in Queens (Corona and Jamaica)  and one in Long Island City, we are never too far away. Come in to speak to one of our home improvement specialists today!


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