We had Craig at Golden State inspect our new home in Folsom.

Craig did an absolutely outstanding job. He walked us around, pointing out every little thing he found, suggesting repairs, follow-up, and further inspections where warranted, and putting us at ease for the things that weren’t that big of a deal.

He basically gave us a tour of our new home – the way a dealer would do for a new car purchase. Craig explained the home’s systems, equipment and features – including little things like pointing out which light switches controlled which outlets, how the dual-zone climate control worked, explaining what to watch out for going forward, and what needed to be addressed before closing (e.g., cracked roof tiles)

Craig even registered our appliances, pointing out to us that two or three of them had minor recall notices.

Even when it came time to pay, craig even made that fun – offering us a scratch-and win coupon to reduce the price. We saved $30!

Later the same day, we received a PDF of all the photos, explanations, and advisories on every item he pointed out – so that we can check off each item after we move in.

Can’t say how pleased we were with his service. Highly recommend.

Jeff Wilson


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