Ever wonder what happens upon the foreclosure of a home, once it is abandoned and left for the banks? Lisa Ling investigates just that in the video provided below; showcasing the items left behind and the means for which it is cleaned up.

The home highlighted within the video is largely left intact with only possessions left behind for  clean up; however, there are many other instances in which homes are left in disarray, trashed, stripped of its profitable properties, etc. Many homes left empty after cleanup is completed become shelters for the homeless, wildlife, as well as for criminal activities.

A home inspection is always suggested when looking to purchase a home but for those looking to purchase a foreclosed home it is especially important. A home inspection will provide you with an unbiased and objective visual analysis of the home’s structure and systems. For foreclosed homes, the level of damage and property issues may be greater than those of a non-foreclosed stature. For further information regarding this, visit our post The Importance of Having a Home Inspection on a Foreclosed Home.  


 VIDEO: "Lisa Ling Investigates Foreclosed Homes Oprah.com" ~ gayathrils

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