®    Make sure that there will be proper access to the home and that all areas can be viewed and inspected. Make sure that all of the utilities have been turned on including water, electric, gas and oil supplies if there is oil fired equipment in the home. There have been many times recently that I did not have complete access to the home. Have the sellers remove storage away from foundation walls and garage walls so that they can be inspected. If the home inspector cannot view the area he or she must indicate that in the report and that becomes an area of open risk because it’s not visible.

®    Make sure you attend your house inspection. This is a great opportunity to learn about the different systems in the house and where the important cut-off valves are and how to maintain the different pieces of equipment. It is also your opportunity to ask any questions. Take a note book and jot down notes during the inspection. You may not receive the report that day, so taking notes will allow you to have something tangible right away. Maybe you want to discuss the findings with your partner and good notes really allows for a good conversation about the issues.

®    Make sure you take a good look around your new home. Often people do not look at details when they are walking though a home. Now is the time to take a closer look. Look at the details that you have not scrutinized before. You can be a great help to the inspector by pointing things out that do not look right to you. You are essentially a second set of eyes, so speak up if you have a question or want some clarification on something.

®    You should leave the inspection with a much better understanding of the issues that are present in the home. Find out from the inspector when and how your report will be delivered. Sometimes it is provided the same day other times it is sent by electronic mail or postal delivery. You should know what to expect.

®    After receiving the report you should call your professional home inspector and clear up any concerns. If you don't understand something you should ask. This is a very important purchase in your life and you should have all the information that you need to make informed decisions.


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