Diydecorating (ARA) – How do you feel about your home décor? If you're tired of it, and know it needs some updating, but are afraid to act, you're not alone. Fear of change is the number one reason people live in spaces they don't really like.

With the summer holiday season just beginning, now is the perfect time to try something different. A good place to start is by deciding which look you like best. Among the most popular: Traditional, Contemporary, Mission, French Country, Asian and Retro.

Here's a crash course for you on what each of the looks entail:

  • Traditional décor is known for its balanced symmetry, classic lines and darker woods combined with subdued colors and tones.
  • Contemporary offers subtle sophistication with its simplicity, texture, clean lines and contrasting colors.
  • Mission adds timeless and classic appeal with its simple, clean lines, dark stained oak and earthy colors.
  • French Country features distressed wood, ceramic accessories and colors you'd find in nature, like sunny yellow, fiery red and bright grass green.
  • Asian features neutral backgrounds, layered wood tones and intricately detailed accessories.
  • Retro features furniture and décor reminiscent of things past.

Not sure which look would best suit your style? Turn to the Web for help making a decision. Some of the best home decorating sites out there right now are, and All three sites are filled with color pictures that pair furniture with complementary accessories in each of the popular styles. Additionally, HomeVisions offers a "Shop by Style" option, which groups products by style including furniture, bedding, accessories, lighting, rugs and more.

Log on to the various Web sites for decorating ideas. If you'd prefer paper catalogs, call (888) 918-4000 to request one from Charles Keath Home; (800) 227-7598 for one from Montgomery Ward. The HomeVisions store is available online at


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