Decorating your new home – Nautical style in the bathroom

It’s been quite a grey summer so far, but it’s a season to inspire all of us to make some changes to our homes. The use of colours is a great way to make this trend come alive, particularly in a new home where the standard palette these days is of muted, neutral tones. It is a very stimulating and exciting way to refresh the décor, and with it the mood of those living there.

Of all the options put forward by trendsetters this summer, the one that’s impossible to miss is without a doubt the nautical trend. It takes inspiration from the nostalgic life at the seaside, incorporating great antique pieces with the quality of the best fabrics and modern accessories.

The colours that will bring you back to this nostalgic yet relaxed and informal lifestyle are primarily blue and white, with shades of turquoise, grey and light yellow. Farrow and Ball ( offers a great selection of very contemporary colour paints. It also includes a vast variety of types of finish, shades and patterns. The opaque shades that they display make this very interesting approach to the décor even more sentimental and relaxing feel.

The main inspiration and patterns are stripes, but it is also a very intriguing idea to use other nautical elements, such as nautical knots, seashells or even bits of wood. Other gadgets, like model boats or bottled boats (try and go for the very detailed ones, even in bad conditions – the worn out texture will produce a great feel of the old and rustic, while new and poorly detailed ones will just look cheap!), even anchors and seamen’s ropes.

Old antiques can be matched against plain coloured fine linen curtains and Egyptian cottons. Go for white or blue to keep a uniform feel. Other items like laundry bags and chests of drawers are a great hit. Solid wooden antique chests of drawers can be found on Brick Lane (, Sundays), where independent antique shops offer an impressive amount of reclaimed objects within a stylish and fashionable environment.

A very wide range of these items can be very accessible to everyone: markets around London, for example, carry a huge variety of items and antiques at a very affordable price (, Saturdays 6am-6.30pm). To make sure a great impact is achieved, a very important point to take into consideration is the simplicity of the process. Do not overcomplicate the process and keep the making the most of the best product found. Check out also Nautical Living ( for a very cool and stylish selection (see picture for an example).


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