Want to give your home a makeover? If yes, then crown molding is the best option. It will beautify your home and add a splendid look. Home decoration is best achieved with these adornments. Apart from the interiors and furniture, you can beautify the structure of your home with decorative corbels, columns, door casings, window casing, and ceiling medallions and so on.

These items are available in polyurethane, fiberglass and PVC. They can be used for indoors as well as outdoor decoration. You can choose from Greek or Roman fiberglass columns, Tuscan column capitals and bases as well as PVC column wraps and craftsman style porch posts and supports. They are available in different sizes and styles. In fact, you can also get it customized to meet your specific requirement.

Home improvement plans can be successful with crown molding. This online store offers products with high quality, industry specified materials. The polyurethane moldings are available in a number of standard and custom profiles and designs. Buying online is advantageous for many reasons.

First, you can get the best price in the industry. Online buying eliminates the chain of retailers, wholesalers or distributors. You can directly buy from the manufacturer. This ensures that you get the best price match. Moreover, the design and size can be custom made according to your specific requirement. Besides, you can be assured of the best quality.

Whether it is your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, conservatory or study, crown molding can completely change the look of your home. It is simple yet sophisticated and looks dapper. It can add an aesthetic appeal to your home. It makes for a style statement and improves the appearance of your home.

Moreover, it doesn’t create a cluttered look. Unlike furniture items that occupy too much space, this kind of home décor will not eat away space. In fact, there are many advantages of molding. Read on to learn more about such furniture can give your home the optimum layout.


Polyurethane: This material is extremely dense and is often used for architectural work. If you were to hammer a nail through the crown molding, it would be similar to hammering through a piece of soft pine. Moreover, it comes with a white primer coating that protects it from ultra violet rays. Apart from that, they are best suited for damp places. If humidity is a problem, then this material is the best option. It will not rot and does not require frequent painting.

Fire Resistant: These decorative options are manufactured with a focus on fire rating. The products have a flame spread rating of less than 75 when tested in accordance with ASTM-E84. This rating meets the requirements of the Residential Universal Building Code for Foamed Plastic Trim. Not just that, you could also choose 100 percent fire resistant crown molding or fiberglass columns at an additional cost.

Installation: The installation is similar to wood molding. You could do it yourself or hire a professional. It is advisable to hire the services of a professional for hard to reach places like ceiling.

Crown molding can instantly pep up the look of your home. It is a fantastic decoration item and will revamp the appearance of your home.

The Crown molding is online millwork and molding store that specialize in the distribution of decorative corbels molding, millwork and other related items.
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