Article by Dale M. Richardson

Your plants really need soil with proper amount of water. Over-watering could make your plants drown. Besides, excessive level of water could also trigger the growth of fungi. This is the main reason to know well about the type of plants that you take care of, whether it needs less, moderate or more water. Besides, determining the moisture content of your soil is also very important to let you know the proper amount of water to be added for your plant. Here are some tricks in finding the moisture content of the soil easily.

The first method is hand feel. You can do it by choosing some different areas in your garden or yard to be tested. Pick a handful of soil up then grasp it into your palm. If it is powdery or does not maintain a shape or is powdery, then the soil is dry. Then, you can try to drop the squeezed dirt. Your soil is too dry when the dirt of the dropped soil shatters. However, when the dirt emits water or beards, you soil is waterlogged.

The second method is using moisture meter for soil. You will find this certain meter easily in any garden supply stores or nurseries. You will find some product that comes with cable that allows you to check the moisture level deep in the ground, especially for trees and some other plants with extensive systems of root. This meter will also give you more accurate reading on moisture content of your soil. You can simply insert the meter into the ground so to get an accurate reading.

The third method is by using rain gauge. This tool will help you a lot to determine the proper amount of water that you need to add in order to make you’re your soil in appropriate moisture level. You can simply place this gauge in your yard and dump the water out. If you do not have this certain gauge in your home, you can replace it with an empty coffee can. Usually, lawns need one inch of water for a week, unless in such a hot climate.

By using those methods, you can determine the moisture level of your soil easily. Therefore, your plant could grow perfectly in appropriate water supplies.

There are many types of soil moisture meter offered in the market and surely you can find the rapitest moisture meter that matches your needs well. You can ask some experts to get some recommendations.

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