When buying a house, people must be aware about the bad effects of mold especially if you are looking for a home in areas where there is an issue of dampness or a home that is old. One type of toxic mold is called Stachybotrys Chartarum. This type of toxic mold can be found within damp or old homes and can cause a very serious health danger. This toxic mold appears to be slimy and blackish-green. It generally makes its home on wood, paper materials and drywall surfaces. It can grow in most areas that are humid and damp. Water damage such as leaky or broken pipes and flood also cause mold.

Mold can also establish itself in bathrooms which are not ventilated or often times in laundry rooms that have dryers that do not have enough ventilation. The type of mold that is toxic can really cause a very serious problem for both the property value and the inhabitants’ health. Even if it’s not one of the toxic molds, it can damage the surface where it grows. Drywall, floorboards, as well as other surfaces can surely suffer from severe damage when molds grow on them. Furthermore, the odor of mold damage is very difficult to get rid of. So, these things must be seriously considered when buying your home.

It is such an unhealthy environment when a home has been infested with toxic mold. Molds are fungi that can reproduce themselves just through spores in the air. These spores in the air will find a moist place to land and grow on them. Also, toxic mold produces mycotoxins, a byproduct of toxic mold that can magnify problems in breathing such as asthma and other respiratory ailments. Mycotoxins can also be the cause of respiratory illnesses to healthy people especially if they are exposed to it longer.

Most homeowners and home buyers do not even realize that they have mold problems until a member of the family starts to acquire a respiratory illness. This is because molds can be hiding in dark and damp areas, behind some appliances and areas that are not always visible. So, this is the reason why home buyers must be very careful when buying a property and homeowners to always check their homes. Today, there is available mold testing so old homes must be tested before purchase. If they find mold in these homes, they will not immediately disqualify them but the seller must hire a professional to remove the mold before someone buys the house. In addition to that, the contract should include conditions that will allow the buyer to discontinue the deal if there is a problem of toxic mold before they close the deal.

Small mold infections do not usually need professionals but must be dealt with immediately to prevent them from spreading. This can be dealt with using just water and soap and then followed by a solution composing water and bleach. Then after you purchase a house (with no molds), ensure that all damp and moist areas like bathroom and laundry room are kept sufficiently ventilated. Address immediately if there are leak issues so that molds cannot grow in your home. Please visit our website molddamagerus.com

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