Orginize Your Garage

Need to organize your garage? If the clutter is so thick you can’t find anything, it’s time to take your garage organization to the next level. By using the walls, ceiling, crawl spaces and narrow corners, you can maximize your use of space. It’s a simple way of organizing your garage effectively, without spending a whole lot of money or having to call in a professional.


#1. Organize Your Garage with a Peg Board

A peg board offers a cheap way of organizing your garage by using the walls to hang things. You can find various sizes of peg boards at your local home improvement store. Choose one that will fit the back wall in your garage. Then by 2×4 lumber to build a square frame behind your peg board (2 length pieces and 2 width pieces). In addition, to optimal garage organization with a peg board, buy peg board hooks that are one size smaller than your board holes. This will increase the strength of the hooks and allow you to hand heavy objects from them. Attach the 2×4 lumber to the back wall of your garage to form a square. Use toggles if you are hammering into drywall; or better yet, attach the boards to the wood beams in the wall. Hammer the peg board to the wood frame and start organizing your garage with the peg board hooks. Hang garden tools, extension cords, work tools-anything that clutters your garage.

#2. Organize Your Garage with an Outline Tool Rack

You can build a simple outline tool rack to hang your favorite tools and organize your garage. Start by choosing the tools you wish to hang in an easy to find way, for example: hammer, sew, garden sheers. On a square of plywood rest all the objects, organized in the order of your choice. Next, using a pen, outline the tools, then remove them and paint the outline. Return the tools to the outlines and hammer in nails by which to hang them. Complete this garage organization tip by nailing the tool rack to the wall.

#3. Organize Your Garage with a Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelf

Organize your garage cleaning supplies by building a heavy duty adjustable shelf to suspend from the ceiling. Using cheap zinc chains and perforated angle iron that attaches to your ceiling, you can organize your garage by using the space between your garage opener and your car, or the ceiling over walkways. Follow this step-by-step tutorial for organizing your garage with heavy duty adjustable shelves.

#4. Organize Your Garage with Steel Shelving

Affordable steel shelving can be assembled into a tiered storage unit for organizing your garage floor space. Attach as many shelves as can fit in the height of your garage. Place the garage steel shelving in corners and against the wall in narrow spaces. This will allow you to organize things in places that would otherwise be wasted. And because the spaces are narrow, nothing else will fit in them or block your access to your garage organizing shelves.

#5. Organize Your Garage with Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you happen to remodel your kitchen or an old bathroom, don’t throw away the ugly cabinets. Organize your garage by attaching the cabinets to a side wall. Add a 2 inch hardwood board on top of the cabinets to create a counter for additional storage.

#6. Organize Your Garage with Shelf Trucks

A shelf truck is the fancy name given to wire shelving with caster wheels. This simple garage organization idea allows you to store several shelf trucks in a row, like parked cars. When you need to reach the items on the shelves, just pull out the shelf truck you need. In this way you can organize your garage in very little space.

#7. Organize Your Garage with Wire or Metal Containers

Large wire baskets with caster wheels are idea for garage organization of areas under tables or hanging shelves. Store rags, large tools or camping gear in different sized wire baskets. Tuck the baskets under a work table, hanging cabinets or adjustable hanging shelves, then pulled the baskets out as needed.

#8. Organize Your Garage with Hanging Racks

Metal arms that attach to your garage walls can be used to hang large objects like skis, bicycles or skateboards. Hang the racks as close to the ceiling as possible to keep the hanging objects well out of the way. Then place a folded step ladder nearby for easy access.

#9. Organize Your Garage with Metal Hooks

You can attach metal hooks directly to your drywall or wood beams to organize your garage in a cheap, simple way. Hang the hooks in a line, then suspend extension cords, garden tools, work tools, broom or mop

#10. Organize Your Garage with Shelf Brackets

The easiest way to organize your garage is with shelves held up with cheap metal brackets. Buy hardwood boards or shelving to fit the length of your garage wall, then suspend the shelves on metal shelf brackets at a distance of 3 feet between each bracket. For especially heavy dusty shelving, just add another shelf bracket at the center. And if you choose a shelf bracket that includes a closet rod hook, you’ll be able to suspend rods under your garage organizing shelves, for hanging tools or a tier of hanging metal bins.


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