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Home is probably one of the safest and most peaceful places for a person to be at. No matter how it looks like, it has a charm of comfort and a glow of peacefulness.

It's hard to believe if the residents of the houses below think the same too.

Compiled below is a list of the 10 most unusual houses of the World. You will love to see them but the question is whether you have the guts to live in one?

1. Kettle House


The Kettle House in Texas, United not only looks like a kettle but also works like one.

2. Stone House


This Stone House in Portugal is one of the best examples of elements of nature put to good use. As surprising as it may seem but people actually live in that house.

3. Crooked House


The Crooked House stands as an example of the one of the best architectures ever made. Its curved structure makes it one of the most exceptional and unusual houses of the World.

4. Cubic House


The Cubic Houses from Rotterdamn, Netherlands is a group of homes grouped together to make a geometry of cubes. The amazing factor here is how these houses manage to not fall down.

5. Dome House


The Dome House in Flora, United States is a pleasant looking white house with some exceptional dome architecture. 

6. Cob House


The Cob House from Vancouver, Canada is made purely out of clay, sand, straw and water.

7. Hole House


The Hole House from Texas, United States is either an art project or the aftermath of a terrible accident. Whatever it may be, it's definitely exceptional.

8. Shoe House


Looks like someone is a big fan of fairy tales eh? This Shoe House from Pennsylvania, United States resembles a shoe in all aspects except for that it's missing laces.

9. UFO House


The UFO House in Taiwan definitely looks scary but is totally Alien-less we guarantee that. A similar house is there in China too.

10. Pickle House


Ever seen a pickle barrel? The Pickle House in Minnesota, United States is a one amazing yet unusual house full of people (not pickles).

A very big thanks to Unusual Architecture. Couldn't have made the list without their help.  

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