You Want Top Dollar For Your Home With The Least Amount Of Hassles!

Do you like bad surprises? Especially if it hits you in the pocketbook? Trying to put your home on the market without having a pre-listing home inspection first can be like that.

More often than not, the surprise will not be a pleasant one.

Yes, you are already thinking about how less your house is worth now than it was six months or a year ago. Of course nobody wants to put more

money into what they plan to sell. But you have to look at the possibility that spending more money on repairs may be the thing that will make or break your chance of getting it sold quickly and at top price. If you think about it, it just makes sense to spend the extra money. Why?

First off, your agent can see cosmetic changes that may need to be made, such as painting the walls a more neutral color or switching out the kitchen cabinet knobs to give it a more modern feel. That is all well and good, and may boost the price quite a bit. But an inspector is trained to look at the “bones” – the foundation, the plumbing, the furnace, and the roof – all of the big things that can halt a sale in its tracks.

Secondly, buyers today will get an inspector of their own to go through your house and note detail by detail what is right and what is wrong. Either the buyers are required to by their bank or lending institution, or they do so voluntarily because they are wary of what is out there on the market. Home buyers today are more savy, they know it is a buyers market so they can scrutinize and analyze every detail. They will test windows, flush toilets, listen for squeaky hinges, notice cracks. Remember they will be comparing your house to 5 to 10 others.

Next, taking the time and effort to get your house pre-listing inspected tells the buyer and their agent that you care how your house appears to the outside world. It proves you have maintained it and that you want top dollar for it. When it comes to the offer/counter offer portion of the selling process, you’ll have a huge bargaining chip in your pocket. The buyers and their agent will already know your house’s condition is top notch, that repairs are new and done well, and that there will be a lot less for the buyer to do. It makes the house more turn-key, and most buyers in

today’s economy want that. It also increases its value and justifies the asking price. In other words, it leaves very little room for argument.

A pre-listing home inspection displays a huge good-faith factor. The buyer knows you are not trying to hide anything from them. If you can show them the home inspection report up front, they will respect you for and be more willing to deal with you. Plus, they will feel more at ease making their decision.

Finally, there will be no surprises when their home inspector walks in the door. You have enough stress in your life when it comes to selling your home, why add to it? Knowing what is wrong with your house will help you and your agent decide what a fair market price for your home is. You can decide which repairs will add value and you can have peace of mind when the buyers walk through your house, it will stand out from all the others.

No bad surprises and more money in your pocket.

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