From time to time, we’ll conduct inspections of homes with in-ground swimming pools. While most buyers aren’t looking for pools (they can be a lot of work), some buyers find the option very attractive.

Before buying a home with a pool, you may want to consider these pros and cons:

The Pros:

  • Pools have increased in popularity with rising gasoline and hotel prices.
  • There are many reputable pool companies to help you with maintenance.
  • Often a pool will be accompanied by a sauna or hot tub.
  • Your home will most likely be a very popular destination.
  • Having a pool will contribute to your overall health, if used frequently.

The Cons:

  • Pools generally add little value to your home’s selling price.
  • They require considerable maintenance, including fencing.
  • Expect neighbors to request pool privileges.
  • Neighbors may complain about noise, drainage, and safety issues.
  • Liability insurance will be costly.
  • Pool equipment, filters, heaters, and plumbing can be expensive.
  • Deep pools encourage diving and small children must be constantly monitored.

It’s a great idea to talk to a pool owner about the above points before purchasing one. You should also discuss pool ownership with your insurance agent. If you’re evaluating an existing pool or are considering building one, keep in mind a Gunite concrete liner–using pneumatically applied concrete is generally accepted as the best material choice for strength and longevity. Incidentally, fiberglass is typically used for smaller pools and has a shorter life expectancy, and vinyl liners become susceptible to tearing as they age.

Lastly, it’s not unusual that some homeowners, after years of maintaining and sharing this once treasured possession, eventually make the decision to decommission their pool. Kids grow up, maintenance becomes more costly as pools age, and the neighborhood character changes. Sadly, that may mean filling with dirt and planting grass. So what will it be for you? Pool, or no pool?

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