Spring Cleaning isn’t just about getting all the nooks and crannies in your home, it’s about refreshing your environment and embracing spring and summer. So now that your home is super clean let’s wake up your decor with some inexpensive changes that will make your home feel brighter, more spacious and just more springy!


Step 1: Rearrange your rooms

The quickest way to make your home feel like new is rearranging the furniture and even the rooms.

During winter you want to create a warm and cozy space but for spring and summer you want a more open, inviting and breezy home that allows movement and air flow.

  • Try flip-flopping your rooms so that you completely change up your home. For example, last May my boyfriend and I switched our living room and dining room and it worked out great!
  • Swapping furniture from other rooms can also create a new environment – for instance, you could move your reclining chair from the office into the living room, switch up night stands and swap bookcases.
  • Some rooms you can even turn around completely so that they have the same arrangement but face a different direction.
  • To create more breadth try spacing out your furniture a bit more so that there is more walking room in between pieces – it will also help with air flow.
  • This is also the time to add some focus to your entryway – try placing a small table near the front door with a couple picture frames and a small bowl for catching keys; not only is it functional but it creates a great first impression on guests.


Step 2: Add Some Colorimages

Update color schemes and decorations to create a brighter space with more energy.

  • Replace your dark winter doormat with a more colorful flowered or abstract one to welcome people into your newly decorated home!
  • Update your throw pillows and bedding with lighter materials and dazzling colors to inspire. Oh, and don’t forget to rotate your mattress and even flip it over if you can!
  • Exchange holiday coffee mugs for springy ones with brilliant colors and inspiring quotes.
  • Change the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom for a fun splash of color. Try a fun green or soothing blue.
  • Embrace the sunshine with airy curtains made out of linen or cotton in natural or light shades.
  • Spray paint your picture frames with radiant colors like orange and lime green.
  • A super cheap but fun way to create your own personal gallery is to buy an art book, calendar or travel book and rip out your favorite pictures and then frame them.



Step 3: Bring Nature Inside

Buy flowers (artificial or real doesn’t matter) and spread them out throughout the house using small vases or jars. As quick, easy, DIY project you can make your own petite vases using jelly/jam jars and decorating them  with lace, paint, glitter or ribbons.

  • Use twigs and branches as wall art. I love putting a few branches with a couple fake flowers over entranceways to give an added dimension of height in the room with a splash of color where you normally wouldn’t find it.
  • Potted plants, flowers and herbs make beautiful decorations and there are many studies that link indoor plants to increased brain function, lower anxiety levels and greater creativity.
  • Decorate with fruits like lemons, limes and oranges! They are colorful and the perfect size to place in a big bowl on your coffee table or in your foyer.
  • Gather shells and rocks and place them in small groups on a shelf, or store them in a glass jar or vase and put them on a windowsill.
  • Stenciled flowers and rubbed leaves are super easy to do and not just for kids! They would look beautiful framed and hung in your hallway or bathroom. If you have kids get them involved and have them help! That way you have beautiful artwork that was fun to make.
  • Bring in fresh scents like grass and flowers with new candles and fragrance oils.


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