It’s often assumed when you speak of a home inspection, you’re referring to a buyer looking to confirm the quality or condition of a prospective purchase. Is it not?

A recent casual conversation over coffee with a friend thinking of selling his home brought up the question of having his home inspected prior to putting it on the market.  Imagine that!

As a building inspector for most of the last decade, I’ve always wondered why it’s such a ‘buyer’s’ thing and not sellers. It just doesn’t make sense sometimes. Wouldn’t you want to get a professional unbiased opinion on the general condition of your home before you offer it to the marketplace?

Look at the advantages of a seller’s home inspection:

  • You have time to assess and evaluate deficiencies discovered before any buyer can raise objections.
  • You decide what you’re willing to repair beforehand, on your time schedule, and your budget.
  • Having a home inspection report in hand when meeting with a potential buyer and being able to confirm condition or repairs completed shows diligence and sincerity on the seller’s part.
  • A buyer may still desire to have his own inspector review, but aren’t the chances of a buyer’s home inspection less likely at this point?
  • Negotiating repairs and ‘ruffled feathers’ could often be totally avoided if taken care of before the buyer ever comes on the scene.

In today’s economy, buyer’s have a lot of choices from which to choose. Doesn’t it make sense as a seller that presenting an up to date condition report on your home is a plus for the interested party?

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