(NAPSI)–For some, the reality of remodeling the kitchen may be complicated with visions of cost overruns, delays, strange people in their home, and endless decisions. And while the process may seem daunting, the outcome can be extremely rewarding; in fact, a kitchen with smart design can help make daily life easier for the people living in it.

One home improvement expert, Danny Lipford, shares his remodeling experiences and tips for seamless renovations as the host of “Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford®.” His goal is to eliminate the fear and anxiety many homeowners have when they think about remodeling. In fact, Lipford recently completed a major renovation of an old Tudor-style home inMobile, Ala., which he calls The Kuppersmith Project. “I want to educate homeowners on practical ideas for remodeling while addressing the challenges they may face along the way,” explained Lipford. “That’s why I embarked on The Kuppersmith Project, a series of episodes dedicated to renovating a 1920s house.”

The transformation of the house has been documented in a 13-part series to show realistic approaches to remodeling. The original kitchen was small, outdated and difficult to work in, so “Today’s Homeowner” partnered with Merillat® cabinetry to bring functional cabinetry solutions to the new Kuppersmith kitchen. Consider the following tips from Lipford and his team before undergoing a kitchen remodel.

Tip 1: Think about how you will use your kitchen

To have a successful remodel, it is important to define the goals of your project and think about how you’ll actually be using your new kitchen. A main goal for Lipford and his team was to make the Kuppersmith kitchen easy for a family to live and work in at multiple life stages. One kitchen feature you will see in the Kuppersmith home that helps make living in a kitchen easier is an island. Since the kitchen is the social hub of the home, an island provides extra seating and serving space for a family and can include great storage options to help keep the kitchen organized.

To keep the kitchen easy for multiple people to work in, Lipford recommends creating designated spaces for efficient prep, entertaining, storage and cleanup. Each of these activities has various storage opportunities. And when a kitchen is designed for the way you live, it’s sure to be more functional.

Tip 2: Storage is key

According to Lipford, a kitchen can never have enough storage options. With Merillat cabinetry, the Kuppersmith kitchen is full of functional storage accessories such as a deep drawer peg-board divider and roll-out trays. Even more storage was included in an island fully equipped with additional space for baking sheets and trays, as well as a sink, dishwasher and trash compactor, making cleanup a breeze.

Everyone knows kitchenware isn’t the only item in the kitchen, which is why Lipford created a drop zone area in the Kuppersmith home with cabinetry right off the garage. This is a perfect place to drop keys, sort mail, take off shoes and store the dog leash as you enter the kitchen from the garage. Consider a utility cabinet with roll-out trays and individual cubbies to help minimize clutter from cell phones, hats, keys, etc.

Tip 3: Make the kitchen functional for all

When remodeling your kitchen, it is important to consider who will be using it. If you enjoy entertaining, you may want an open-plan kitchen that allows for more social interaction between the kitchen and other rooms. If you have young children, you might want to consider lower countertops and cabinets and deep drawers to store children’s items like a backpack, schoolwork and crafts. A pantry or utility cabinet is perfect to store many different items in one central location and at different levels, making some things more accessible or inaccessible for children.

For homeowners who consider themselves “at-home chefs,” it’s important to keep cooking items organized and within easy reach. Storage solutions could include a pull-out spice rack next to the stove, perfect for cooks who like to experiment. A cutting board kit neatly stores knives within a drawer and has a built-in cutting board.

“However you use this most popular room in the house, smart design and innovative storage can make life in the kitchen easier—and more fun,” concluded Lipford. “We want the owners of the Kuppersmith home to enjoy cooking, eating and spending time with their family in the kitchen.”

To learn more about remodeling and watch The Kuppersmith Project unfold, visit www.kuppersmithproject.com. For more information about Merillat’s many beautiful and intelligent product options, visit www.Merillat.com.

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