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Just got done looking at a great article about problems with new homes.  It is no surprise that with limited budgets and getting jobs done on time that corners may be cut during the construction process.

Code inspectors should catch problems but obviously they don’t catch all of them.  Consumer reports stated that 15% of new homes have serious defects in 2004.  In 2006, another study showed that over one third of new homes had structural or building envelope defects and electrical problems were found in close to 1 out of 10 new homes.  The article recommends phased inspections for new home construction and if you are building a new home, it would be a wise investment to have an independent home inspector inspect the property before and after foundation pour, after framing completed, after rough electrical and mechanical installation, after insulation installation, after roofing and siding are completed, as well as the final inspection after.  Also, a builder who knows someone will be checking up on their work will be more likely to do things right the first time.  If you didn’t have any of these inspections done on your new home and it is still under a builders warranty, then I urge you to contact an independent home inspector to catch any defects that will be covered under a warranty before problems get worse or your home deteriorates.

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