Living Space: Today's top 10 decorating mistakes

Living Space: Today's top 10 decorating mistakes

By Kathryn Weber

Everyone makes mistakes, and that old saying is never truer than when it comes to decorating our homes. Because trends come and go, each brings with it a new set of decorating mistakes. Here are some of the trends that need to be revised or done away with altogether:

1. Over faux. Whether it’s a faux scene or faux texture, it’s just a nice way of saying fake. A little faux texture or paint treatment can go a long way. This is a case of less is not just more, it’s best. If your wall treatment looks like cake frosting, it’s over fauxed.

2. Pillow plethora. A little comfort is a good thing. A lot of it makes it impossible to sit on the sofa or get into bed. Worse still? The karate chopped pillow.

3. Themed accessories. It only takes one nice seashell to make a nod to the beach. A whole wall of shells is overkill. Pull accessories together with color, being sure to include a variety of type, size and shape.

4. Tone deafness. In the era of Zen decorating, it’s easy to bathe a room in a single shade of beige and call it done. But the room looks devoid of life and lacks interest. Don’t forget to add a splash of color to bring a room to life.

5. Headless beds. Beds are still being allowed to remain in bedrooms without headboards. This is a worse than the so-called sin of matching furniture. Nothing, repeat, nothing is worse than a bed without a headboard.

6. Forgotten foyers. Walking into an empty foyer is like driving a car without a front grill. Sure, it’ll get you where you’re going, but you’ll arrive there ugly.

7. Vertical blindness. If you’re living with vertical blinds, it’s like living in an ’80’s apartment complex … forever. Replace those old standbys with more contemporary options, such as panel track window coverings.

8. Good green. While good fake plants exist, nothing says tacky like cheap artificial ones. Invest in quality silk trees that look real. If the artificial plant you’re looking at doesn’t exist in nature, pass it by. And don’t forget to wash and dust your silk plants.

9. Big, dirty panes. While they may not exactly constitute decorating elements, big windows are common now, as are large expanses of mirror. Just make sure you keep up with their big cleaning needs.

10. Big on size, but small on comfort. Reach for a balance of size and comfort when selecting furniture. Bigger isn’t always better – and it certainly isn’t always comfortable. Sofas and chairs with long seats might be comfortable if you play professional basketball, but they can pull up a sitter’s legs, making grown adults look like kids, not to mention the fact that they’re difficult to get in and out of. Before you buy, always test furniture thoroughly and make sure guests will be comfortable, too.

Kathryn Weber is a home and decorating columnist and publishes the Red Lotus Letter feng shui E-zine. For more information, contact Weber through her website,


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