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Home inspection is very important at the time a home is purchased so that defects can be traced and seller asked to rectify them before the purchase. It can also help in making the seller reduce the price he quotes for the house.

In the following sections we will look at some of the points which have considerable influence on the value of the house as well as on whether it would be a right decision to purchase the house.

Discolored Ceilings & Walls

If at the time of home inspection it is found that ceilings or walls are discolored then it is most likely that there is mold problem or water damage. The reason for water damage could be broken pipes, window flashing which is not installed correctly or roof which is leaking.

Mold problem will arise at places where moisture level is high. Mold exposure is known to cause different health problems. It can also result in major structural damages in a house.

Damage to Wood

If the house has hardwood flooring then check if there are lines like trails. If you find these then it means that there is termite problem in the house. If basement has wooden beams then it is essential to check them also and if they are damaged then it would mean there is insect problem in the home.

Damp Basement

If the house you are purchasing has basement then home inspection will reveal whether excessive moisture is present in the basement. Such moisture could be caused by flooding of basement or water seepage at the time of rainstorms. A damp basement can subsequently lead to mold growth.

Drafty Windows

At the time of home inspection checking will be performed to see if air gets through the closed windows. Repairing such windows could be really expensive and depend on the type of windows which will have to be repaired.

Radon Testing

Radon testing is also part of home inspection. A home inspector can find radon gas getting into the house from ground. This gas is known to be one of the causes of lung cancer so it is vital to get rid of this problem.

Fire Safety

Fire safety inspection is also part of home inspection where home inspector verifies that all the fire safety norms have been adhered with in the home you are planning to buy.

Electrical Inspection

As part of home inspection all the power connections will be checked to ensure they are in working condition, electrical wiring is according to government regulations and there is no short circuit risk in the house.

Thus it is quite clear from the above that by having a proper home inspection it becomes certain that we will not face problems immediately after purchasing the house and we will be paying the right price for the house.

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