Molds are the species of a fungus that are microscopic and grows in the shape of hyphae. There are various molds that damage the food but there are some that contributes in biodegradation of foods, enzymes and antibiotics. If you think that only flood and fire are the only causes of destruction, this is generally not true. There are some other causes too that contributes in damaging you home which are in the form of mold growth. These enemies usually grow in moist and gloomy places. There are various types of molds, including the harmful ones. There are some poisonous molds too and cannot be eradicated. People, who already suffer from some allergies, get harmed by these molds more.

Growth of molds can be observed on walls, bread and furniture where there is alot of moisture. There are various mold preventers that help in preventing the molds but proper process has to be performed as improper process can help in releasing of the mold spores.

These spores stick on any surface. The growth of a mold can be quick and a mold preventer is needed on right time so as to fight the spreading of the mold. If the mold spores grow more inside the home than outside, urgent measures have to be taken like using quality mold removal toxins or chemicals. There are various mold cleansers too that helps in cleaning of these molds. These cleansers can be scrubbed on the place affected by the molds.

Growing of a mold in homes is a very common process and preventing mold from entering into the home is not that easy. Products for the removal of molds should be used. Moreover, timely inspection of homes helps a lot in preventing molds.

Black molds can be killed or removed but as the black mold is poisonous and toxic, careful measures have to be taken for preventing mold from invading one’s homes.

Black molds can be found and formed especially on cement, countertop and tiles and care has to be taken to keep these places dry and clean. The black mold can be killed by cleaning the diseased place with water and bleach if the mold grows on a small space.

In addition, the killing of molds can be done by cleaning the diseased places or rooms separately, while other rooms should be locked so as to prevent the growth of molds in other rooms that are not affected. Then the molds should be dumped in clean bags and the fans should be switched “on” so as to remove the air-borne molds. Disinfectant sprays should also be used so as to kill the molds and it should be kept in mind that the rooms that have to be cleaned should not contain any dust as the molds would spread with the dust particles. Last but not the least, to keep one’s home safe from molds, the dark and dump places should be kept clean.

George Christodoulou

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